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Education system in the Philippines is a bit substandard. We don’t have enough facilities to cater the needs of the current student population. We don’t have enough classrooms, and because of this lack of facilities, many of our teachers are jobless. Most public schools in urban areas have teacher to student ratio of 1:80 if am not mistaken. What quality of education can we expect from this lack of resources? Good for you if you were in a science class, then you would have been able to manipulate a microscope laboratories. If this is so for the rest of the public schools nationwide, then many young minds would have opted to become scientists. Adding 2 more years in basic education won’t help this problem.

The government can still do something to lower the number of out-of-school youth; this is generally our primary concern. We can involve them in community service and sports, preventing them to go into using prohibited drugs. Adding 2 more years won’t help students to stay on school.

Majority of the parents definitely opposes the idea of adding 2 more years for their children to finish basic education. They are not ready. We need to strengthen first the economy by ensuring these parents or their breadwinners good job, and creating business opportunities. 

I think we can redefine, strengthen the basic education curriculum without the need of adding more years. We can strengthen our curriculum, update our books that are not only relevant, but economically and culturally acceptable as well. We can still produce good graduates in 10 years, not 12. I believe pinoys are as competitive as other developed countries.

The Department of Education is noted to be one of the most corrupt in the country, adding 2 more years to basic education might somehow worsen this fact.

13 August 2010